Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Enjoying the breeze

These pictures are specially for my dog-lover friends, Veena and Carolinagal (and all those others that I don't know are dog-lovers).

Please excuse the dirt on my windshield. The dog was truly beautiful, saw him on my way home today! Was too eager to post them up for my friends, so no photoshopping/cropping done.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Early Morning Visitor

Guess what got me out of bed yesterday (I did not want to :))

My alarm went off, I opened my eyes, looking for the snooze button, and saw this little guy roaming around outside in my yard. I literally sprang out of bed, grabbed my Nikon D200 (I love mentioning my totally amazing new camera whenever I can!), and took these pictures. These were taken from inside the house, behind the glass, about 20-25 feet away from the bird. I simply LOVE that camera! You'll soon see why!

Birdie showing off its tail!

I was chanting, turn-around-turn-around, when he decided to...turn around :)

And THIS is the most amazing part! This is a zoomed in version of the above picture. See that WORM in his mouth! (Photo bada kar ke dekho yaar, you'll see it)
I can't believe I could capture that from so much distance and so much clarity!

And here's some and foliage :)

My red rosy :)

Photoshopped this one a little bit, to get the background all black and all. I like!

One very delicate fern.
Not sure I like this picture much, will give it another shot some other time

The cuties!
We have a "planter-wall" full of these! They are SO cute!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My favoritest (is there such a word?) tree in my yard!

The Japanese Maple.

And the little "rock garden" hubby dear designed around it. I totally LOVE the red color of the leaves. I'll get a picture of the entire tree some day soon. Right now, just feeling a bit "artsy", hehe :)

We have some little green maples too, that hubby salvaged from a friend's yard. Those are still too small, in pots right now.

More From My Front Yard

I absolutely LOVE these colors (Sony W90)

Meri White Rosy (Nikon D200)

Meri Yellow Rosy (Sony W90)

Nikon D200

Waiting patiently to be planted (Sony W90)

This one's saying, हम नहीं बोलते, जाओ :) (Sony W90)

The Lone Palm

I see this tree everyday on my way to and from work. Am always amazed by it! Its got so many fronds! Top to bottom! Had been waiting for an opportunity to take a see the signal has to be red, and there have to be an exact number of cars ahead of me for me to be in the right spot! Finally, one day, I was in the right place at the right time :)

Maybe I should do a bit of cropping to the picture! I like how the picture looks against the blue background. Glad I changed the template.

And here's a cropped version, with a lil bit of contrast adjustment as suggested by xh...

Who won?

The car did, I think!

Monday, April 7, 2008

More Flowers!!!

Flowers seem to be the only interesting objects around lately. So here's some more...

Here's the beautiful state flower of California.

The Golden Poppy!

I love this picture of the single, perfect poppy.

Here's something like a whole field of 'em!

Don't these two look like they're best friends, about to play some mischievious prank? :)

I don't personally like roses (too much high maintenance, I think they are "snobbish" flowers!). But this one's quite beautiful!

Calla Lillies!

I'm watching you!

Here's Tiger again, watching our house from behind the fence.
He loves to do that, some times he comes and peers into our room through the French doors. And walks off in sloooooow motion if he sees either one of us looking back at him.
Silly cat :) I wonder where he got that little tangerine from!