Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some fun ones...

These were not taken by me (of course, I'm in there!!)...sharing coz I find them very cute :)

All were in Ranchi, a couple days after my wedding last December.

Everyone's favorite Chacha!

I totally LOVED Archie comics when I was a kid. Jughead was my favorite.
How I wish that shiny spot wasn't there on the pic. But still, I like looking at this one :)

I think I did click this one.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy morning today :)

Today was yet another morning with me lying on my bed, looking out into the yard. Tiger, the neighbor's cat was there as usual. Some squirrels also playing around. Then, the blue-winged visitor came back! But he flew away before I could get the camera out. Now that I was out of the bed, with a camera, I tried to find something else to shoot at.

And I found lots of interesting things :) See...

This is our lemon tree in bloom. Love the colors!

And the pomegranate's also got some lovely flowers! Its the first time the plant's flowered!

These, are, well, just weeds. We got lots of them :(

New life on an old, old a perfect 90 degree angle!

And I think this is the badmash that ate my cherry! He's up among some high-tension wires, with a nut bigger than his head!

And then I made my way to the front yard...
this lady was walking her dog just as I got to the front. Wish I had caught them sooner...

And right after that, this vintage car came down the road in front of my house. Isn't it cute? I really like this picture. Love the red, green and the blue on that window.

Then I moved on to my flowers. This year's lilies! Such vibrant colors!

And these are my all time favorite flowers. My fucshias! I finally managed to get a satisfactory picture of them, after lots of attempts. Its so similar to the picture on my other blog!

This here is one of my cacti in bloom. Need to take more pics of this beauty.